Gotland Hand Towel by Ekelund
Gotland Sheep Cotton Towel

This lovely 100% organic Gotland sheep cotton towel is custom designed and woven for us by Ekelund Master Weavers of Horred, Sweden. It measures 14 inches by 20 inches and has a convenient loop for hanging the towel on a hook on the back side. It softens with each washing and is perfect for kitchen or bathroom use.

The towel features our Gotland ewe named Carie portrayed by Vermont block print artist Mary Azarian.  It makes a wonderful gift for the Gotland sheep lover.

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handwoven blanket VT Grand View Farm
Gotland Wool Handwoven Blanket

This elegant handwoven blanket is crafted by a friend and textile artist named Jane Woodhouse. We collaborated with Jane to design the perfect farm to home Vermont blanket. Jane raises angora goats on her Vermont farm and has been production weaving for the past 30 years. We selected a herringbone weave pattern to showcase two shades of our Gotland gray yarn, raised right here on our farm. The blanket has a lovely drape and silkiness common to Gotland fiber. The long fringe on each end of the blanket measures about 4 inches. The blankets measure approximately 62 inches in length and 30 inches in width, perfect for keeping the winter chill out.

Wrap yourself in the warmth of Gotland wool!

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Handmade Gourd Yarn Bowl
Gourd Yarn Bowl

Our yarn bowls are made from gourds grown on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania. They are then hand cut with an opening in the top and a slot for your yarn. Each gourd is then cleaned and sanded before painting with ink. The inside of the gourds have been sanded and then either stained with black walnuts, or decoupaged with silk fabric or paper. The gourds have been weighted to make them more stable.

They are just lovely with rich color. The gourds vary in size but measure between 6-7 inches at the opening. Combine with a skein of our Gotland yarn and you will have a wonderful gift for a knitter! Colors may vary.

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Large Knitting Tote
Knitting Project Bag

I could not resist making this knitting project bag out of this cute sheep fabric. Each bag has a white cotton lining, making them sturdy enough for your pointed knitting needles. The large bag features 2 long black woven straps for ease of carrying. A pocket with a Velcro closure on the inside keeps your scissors and stitch markers secure. A pocket on the outside holds your knitting needles or drop spindle, and cell phone. This bag is sized for your large projects.

Large Gotland Project Bag: 15 inches x 17 inches

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Vermont Grand View Farm Sheep Mug
Vermont Grand View Farm Sheep Mug

This sweet, custom made 12 oz. sheep mug features our Vermont Grand View Farm logo on the front. Each mug is handmade especially for our farm by Deneen Pottery. They are microwavable and dishwasher safe. The perfect mug for your morning cup of tea or coffee!

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natural maple syrup
Vermont Maple Syrup

All natural Vermont maple syrup….Vermonters call it liquid gold. We put it in and on everything- from coffee and tea to baked goods to oatmeal to a bowl of ice cream. Our farmstay guests enjoy waffles and our own maple syrup in the mornings too!

On our farm, we make our own maple syrup the old fashioned way with buckets on trees and a little evaporator in our tiny sugarhouse. We tap the trees when the daytime temperatures are above freezing and the nighttime temperatures are below freezing. We gather the sap late in the afternoon and then boil by night in our wood fired evaporator. We use dead wood that has fallen on our property to fuel the evaporator.  It takes 40 gallons of clear maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. Our syrup is filtered and then bottled in plastic jugs for easy shipping from our sugarhouse to your home.

Every year, we have just a little extra to share. Give it a try! You will wonder why it took you so long to discover 100% natural maple syrup!

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