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Gotland Wool Handwoven Blanket

Gotland Wool Handwoven Blanket

Our Blanket’s Story

Each blanket begins with a shepherd and her Gotland sheep, grazing on the mountainside pastures at Grand View Farm in Vermont. She tends to them throughout the year, caring for their lambs and tending to their pastures. In the spring, they are sheared, and the shepherd carefully skirts the fiber, and ships it to a small family mill. The mill spins the wool according to her specifications for weaving. Each blanket is hand woven in Vermont on a floor loom, with special attention to every detail. Every inch of the blankets contain a piece of Grand View Farm, and the lives of those who care for the sheep.

The Weaver

This elegant handwoven blanket is crafted by a friend and textile artist named Jane Woodhouse. We collaborated with Jane to design the perfect farm to home Vermont heirloom blanket. Jane raises angora goats on her Vermont farm and has been production weaving for the past 30 years. We selected a herringbone weave pattern to showcase two shades of our Gotland gray yarn, raised right here on our farm.

Caring for Your Blanket

We suggest airing your blanket outside on a sunny day at least once a year. If soiled, wash and rinse with cold water, using a mild soap. Do not agitate while washing, but rather let it soak in the water. Line dry.


The blanket has a lovely drape and silkiness common to Gotland fiber. The long fringe on each end of the blanket measures about 4 inches. The blankets measure approximately 62 inches in length and 35 inches in width, perfect for keeping the winter chill out.

Wrap yourself in the warmth of our Gotland wool!

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