.Kim Goodling Felt Designs

Kim Goodling
Shepherd ~ Fiber Artist

Women that create with their hands have always surrounded me. Their creative work bonds them together and becomes an expression of who they are and what is important to them. Through their work, they love, grieve, nurture, and provide for loved ones. As a shepherd, these words ring true for me, as the daily work of my hands revolves around caring for my sheep. My sheep set each day in motion. They affect my core values and beliefs around life, death, and the divine power that guides my life. Everything that I do contributes to an interconnected community of individuals, from shepherds to sheep shearers to veterinarians, to farmers, and artists. Within this community, I am driven by the love of shepherding and the creative flow which comes from people sharing the same passion.

As a fiber artist, I feel a connection between my fingertips and my medium, often the wool from my flock. My art is an exchange between shepherd and sheep. Consequently, working with wool restores a sense of calm and peace to a sometimes stressful, hectic day. There is no separation between my hands and my medium: we work as one. My passion is to share this connection with others through my shepherding, teaching, and artistic creation.


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